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Surprising change by Ingwa
Surprising change
Ok, so for anyone who cannot recognise the surprised faces, it is: Keimi and Pappug. Keimi and Pappug only knew Dina (my one piece OC) before she began to train and grow her muscles. In fact, most of characters who knew her as child always got surprised at her dramatic change in appearance. The change itself happened between years of 14ish to 18 (when she meets the Strawhats). She and Keimi were pretty close. When Dina became a pre-teen, she began to get even more embarrassed and red when anyone complimented her, often ending up with her hugging Keimi. The other would just pet her head to calm her down (even if the Dina grew taller), internally commenting how cute she was. :hug: That's why Keimi did not recognise the beefy, scary looking fishwoman when she met her with the Strawhats. It took Dina to mention her name before the other saw any resemblance, causing her to get shocked together with Pappug.

P.S. Dina still gets embarassed though, when anyone compliments her, often leading her to crawl into a ball (even during battle). However, very few know about this weakness. In fact, they mostly bully her on her "manly" and "monstrous" looks. The Strawhats found out about this the hard way: Luffy got annoyed at one of her opponents for bullying her, so he said "You will never be as awesome as her!". It caused the girl to blush and crawl into a ball out of habit, shocking everyone. However, since, they found out how to agitate the scary-looking idiot without her punching them out cold. xD :heart:

(Oh, and she always called Arlong (her biological father) an old pervert (not knowing actually what it meant at first), because she heard it was an insult in the Fishman District, so she stuck with it. When she realised that it fit with his flirtatious habits.) 
Zeri by Ingwa
So, I was asked a while ago what kinda crazy person would actually give birth to Arlong's child..and well, I couldn't help myself but come up with an answer.


Her name is Zeri Kuragehime.. and yes, please don't get offended cuz google translate was used for this - basically it suppose to mean Jelly the Jellyfish Princess. xDDD I thought it was perfect since she is a jellyfish fishwoman and is partners with Big Mum (who likes sweets..we kinda got that from all the previous chapters (on the side note, im gonna state an obvious fact - Jinbe is honestly the sweetest of the sweethearts TT^TT))

Because Zeri (the first name duh (Big Mum calls her Zeri-bean...cuz made sense in my head)) is a jellyfish, all her features are jellyfish like. She has jelly like skirt (that reminds of the umbrella of a jellyfish) surrounding her butt, over what she usually puts on a skirt to cover it up. Under it she also tentacles that can sting and be controlled by her. Turritopsis dohrnii, a specie she was modelled after, is known as the immortal jellyfish. Meaning it can transform to its baby state, after reaching full maturity. So Zeri transforms back to her younger self after hitting 30, so from her leaving the rogers pirates to the 'present day' she has technically 'not aged' and looks 20ish yo, making everyone go "WTF?!".


Zeri has an umbrella for a weapon. It can shoot from the end point. Most of the bullets contain different types of drugs, so that the culprit doesn't specifically have to die but could also be hypnotised if she wanted to, etc. She also fights with her umbrella covered in armoment haki and of course uses observation haki for shooting.

Sexual orientation:

She is quite sexual, flirting with anybody she finds strong and attractive. She loves the mink tribe the most, cuz like her daughter, Dina, she finds them very adorable and fun. The most hated though, would be the samurais, since they "bore a woman to death" - Zeri). When she met the Strawhats on the Fishman Island, the first ones she began to flirt with were Robin and Nami. Robin refused any invitation, cuz Nami was confused and was about to accept since she thought they were just a "girls' hanging out" invitation from a nice and pretty lady. Sanji and Brooke flipped in happiness or tears when they saw the sight - neither of them were sure. Then her and Sanji got along quite fine, until Jinbe began to yell that she should know her age, even if she didn't look it. She would answer that he was no fun, but still listened, as she was into people closer to her age. 


Like many of the one piece characters she has an obsession (luffy - meat, zoro - booze, big mum - candy..etc), which is - entertainment. She will do anything to keep herself from being bored, leading her to do sometimes immoral things. However, she doesn't consider herself evil, often stating "If you keep me entertained, I will play by your rules".

~Backstory for anyone who cares~

When she was a child, just like the rest of the kids her age (Arlong, Hachi..etc) she would swim to the surface and watch the Sabaody Park. However, unlike the rest, she actually went onto the island (she didn't get caught, because of her very human like looks). There she met the future pirate king, Roger, and his crew. She got so fascinated by them that she kept insisting to come along. And so she voyaged with them until the end. She didn't like either Buggy or Shanks, cuz one was a coward and the other too lazy to do anything interesting. Though they always hanged out together, as they were the 'youngsters on the ship'. After Roger's death, Zeri went back to the fishman island, because some sort of 'fun' finally came there, as the pirates began to come around. She began to work in the mermaid cafe (because all the pretty mermaids worked there) and very soon became the owner and 'madame' of the place.

Her and Arlong's 'love story':

She and Arlong knew each other from childhood, since she was also brought up in the fishman district. They often fought, because Zeri found it fascinating to bully him and could not stand Jinbe "the goody-two shoes". When she returned, the first thing she found out was that Arlong became quite the womanizer (yes, that's my headcanon) and would often came by the mermaid cafe whenever he was not killing off humans in the fishman district. Zeri thought it would be hilarious to see what his reaction would be, if she tried to actually flirt with him. He knew she was just bullying him again, so he set off to get his revenge. That's basically how their love story continued to the very end. Neither of them were committed, but both would 'assist' with 'getting rid' of the other's partners. Arlong was more obvious with his jealousy issues, especially if it was a human. Zeri complained that he was ruining her business, but didn't do anything about it, cuz she loved seeing him agitated.

After some time a while, Arlong began thinking that they might actually become a proper couple one day: get married, get their own home and stuff. Zeri wanted none of that, adding that she would rather have him come with her on adventures, than be tied down.. So after Zeri got pregnant, Arlong thought he won. Unfortunately, once she gave birth, the baby was left at his door steps with note saying "Bye, loser". (Jinbe gave him a "I told you so" look"). They never communicated again.

The end xD.

Afterwards, she found interest in drugs, as they seemed to make people more 'entertaining' than they were otherwise, and became the largest seller known in the new world (even the marines "in secret" buy from her their cigars and so on). Her nickname is like "Pink Witch" cuz her clothing is always peach pink. That's why until Akainu became the Fleet Admiral, her bounty was over-looked. However, now he made sure that she got a large bounty on her head and because of his "absolute justice", also sentenced anyone known as her customer to severe punishment.

However, with Big Mum's name as her partner, she manages to still continue her business without much struggle.

Also, she happens to fancy Aokiji, cuz he is the only one in the navy to have had a night with her without becoming a customer of her products. She asked him to join her with her business, but he answered that even though she was a 'hottie', he'd rather not deal with her enormous pile of ex-lovers, enemies and business, making her pout and continue bugging him to join.


If you actually read all that, CONGRATULATIONS!!! :hug: I wasn't going to make it this long. But Zeri was a really fun character to make, so...this happened.


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